What I Wish The Church Told Single Women

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But even if they don’t, I will.


What my walk without God cost me.

This may be long and I hope that the woman that I’m supposed to reach, reads this… please share.

The only time I’ve heard the Lord speak SO clearly in an audible way is in the midst of that terrible abusive relationship. He said; “I will use this story”, it was so clear and in 2017 when that relationship finally ended, I had no idea what God meant cause I wasn’t going to tell anyone what just happened to me.

So on this resurrection Sunday I’m here for the woman who was like the old me. I’m not here to judge you, sis or tell you you’re a ‘stupid woman’ as most will. “You should have known better” yada yada.

You don’t know what you don’t know and not exposed to. The best gift I was given was the introduction to God when I was born and I was raised that way.

So I pray for the women who’s ears are supposed to hear my voice…

Maybe you do believe in God but have no idea what a life walk with him looks like. Maybe you have no idea what a relationship with God looks like. Maybe you didn’t grow up in the church but you see the people around you “doing this Christian thing”.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to start seeking God for YOURSELF. Throw out what you’ve heard, see and what people have told you and start your own journey with God.

I started by asking God, ‘Who am I’, ‘Who does God say I am’. (shout to my solo trip to Mexico).

I knew that I NEVER wanted to live the life I was living before 2017 and I knew that I needed to understand who God was from my own perspective. Not what I was taught or saw.

Because honestly there is too much emphasis put on marriage and kids. No one checks on the single woman (or man). No one asks, how is your single season going? What is God telling you about marriage? Do you think He wants you to be married? What about kids? Nope… the bible is just thrown at us and we’re told to wait until marriage.

Now, what do I mean by seeking God? Open your bible, sis, read it. As little (1 scripture a day) or as much as you like. Try to memorize 1 or 2 scriptures a month. LISTEN to His word. The FIRST thing I do when I wake up every day, is turn on a sermon by Pastor Michael Todd, Pastor Steven Furtick, Pastor Dharius Daniels and of course the goats, Joyce Meyer and TD Jakes. I’ve been doing that since July of 2017. Faith comes by hearing…. so what are you listening to?

Since 2017 my life has changed for the BETTER. There is so much I could say but to not make this any longer, just know my life is SO PEACEFUL! There is nothing a man could ever say to me again that’ll get me to step off my God sidewalk. No thanks. If peace and guidance are what you’re looking for, seek God. In that journey, you will find PEACE since he literally is Peace. Let Him renew your mind.

My journey now, the journey I believe God has me on is to be a light for single women. Your worth isn’t in a man, it’s in you –through God.

“Experience is often the most effective teacher but it’s NOT God’s preferred teaching. No parent wants to teach their child something is hot by burning their hand every time. God wants us to learn from instruction not always through experience. Because experience is expensive. When you learn everything through experience it’ll cost you time and energy”. – Pastor, Dr. Dharius Daniels

The cost for me? My heart, I’ll probably never trust a man again. It’s going to take a true awakening from God for me to ever date again.

What was the cost for you?

Share this with your daughter so she doesn’t have to learn through experience.

Audibles don’t come from God often, so I’ll never leave the posture of a student again. I’m praying for God to send me my teachers and voices I’m supposed to hear. Which is why I read and watch sermons A LOT!

My mission is to be a light for single women and I know I’m a voice for some but to stay that way, I must continue to feed my soul.

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Ps. I got baptized again back win November 2019… for me. I wanted to repent which means ‘pivot’. My life is lived so differently now.




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