So you Chafe… me too


So if you listen to my show then you’ve heard me say that I found out what ‘chafing’ was Christmas of 2014 while I was on vacation in Cabo! All that heat, walking around in sundresses, shorts and my thighs being ‘thicker than a snicker’ (thick thighs saves lives … and cell phones) caused me to have a rash. At first I was so confused thinking it was from the water in Mexico or something I touched.

NOPE just my good ol thighs…

I have now heard of the deodorant ‘trick’, apparently they actually sell sticks or something that is supposed to help. Welp deodorant didn’t work for me, so I’m inclined to believe neither will anything else but what you see on my thigh here. Which is cool, I like it. So here is your tip girl, I believe back in 2014 (probably 2015) after that trip I googled these on Amazon, keywords ‘Chafing thigh band’ and BOOM you’re an expert and it’ll probably cause conversation!

Let me know if YOU order one girl, I wanna see (does that sound weird) haha

Bathing suit wrap thingy: Forever 21

Bathing suit: Forever 21

Sandals from like 15 years ago… ok no really mabye 3: Old Navy

Trip: Honolulu Memorial weekend of 2018

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