So is cheating something we have to just accept as women?


?? ??? ??? ?????? Is that something that we as women just have to deal with? As long as he’s good to us in other areas should we stay? ⁣


⁣Let’s talk… I know the internet is up in arms about this very topic. Wanting, expecting and waiting for a man who doesn’t cheat on you… is not some kind of warped Disney Fantasy.


Here’s the deal. ????? ??? ?????. Audio is better.⁣


However I did forget to say this… YOU need to get to a point where you understand character. We can all say “Well I know so many men who cheat and the wife stays”… to that I say AND? ???? ???? ???? ???? ?? ?? ???? ???. ⁣



⁣Cheating repeated is a HUGE RED FLAG of what’s going on with that man that YOU can not change. Leave the changing of people up to God. ⁣


⁣Now can a good man make a mistake? Sure. But (1) it’s not something YOU have to endure. (2) What’s his character like? Will it be worth the staying with him? As my friend Cameo asked. Is it worth it? ⁣


⁣My cousin’s husband TOLD HER… “I’m having feelings for another woman, a co-worker, I need you to pray for me and I am going to counseling.” This was YEARS ago. They are now 15+ years in and NO cheating happened. Plus the woman was moved to a different location out of no-where. Look at God. ⁣


⁣THAT IS THE TYPE of man I want. I’m not naive enough to think that my man won’t be attracted to other women but I do expect communication. I do expect it to hurt my feelings but what I won’t do is lash out on him for telling the truth. I can get through honesty but I can’t get through the blatant disrespect for my emotional and physical well being. ⁣


⁣Know your boundaries before you get into a serious relationship and hold YOURSELF accountable TO YOU. ⁣


???? ? ??? I help the ambitious millennial single woman discover her worth so that she can stop tying her worth and identity to men and stop being a man pleaser.⁣


??? ?? ??????? ???? women who want better when it comes to men and setting boundaries, knowing your self, understanding your worth and what makes a healthy relationship.⁣



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