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Before I hit the 3 things you MUST do when you go to the island of Puerto Rico, which btw is an American territory, it’s funny how many “out of the country” comments I got – let me say…

First off, go to Puerto Rico! Secondly, GO TO PUERTO RICO!! Do you see this view (look down) of my girl Lori and I on the beach in the Condado area (where we stayed) – the locals appreciate you for coming (I heard don’t forget about us a lot) and outside of us losing power for a few hours it was nothing but amazing! I will be back. I’m actually thinking about going back for New Year’s Eve <3 after all I don’t do cold on purpose and it’s always Summer in PR!

Ps. We stayed in an airbnb and we woke up to power loss (they are constantly fixing the grids – damn Maria – however I bet the hotels won’t lose power) so we hit the beach, which was the plan anyway, we were gone for like 8 hours, power was back on once we got back! GO TO PUERTO RICO

I did a lot in Puerto Rico but in my travels I just want to pick out the 3 best things I did and serve that to you! After all you ain’t trying to read a dissertation about what I did so here we go… (I meeaannn I do post my – almost – every move on IG neway)

  • Want to eat?

La Casita (food – nom nom)

Literally stumbled on this restaurant and we ended up staying for HOURS! We sat down and I let our bartender – Harvey – know it was my birthday and he made me this coconut drink (right)!!!

Delicious and this is coming from someone (me) who doesn’t drink. Once I was done with this, I had a strawberry mojito and again delicious. It was fun to watch him make the drink right in front of you, Harvey was very entertaining. If you go, I hope you get him as your bartender.

The view made it so hard to leave so we ended up ordering food as well, again we were here for hours, just talking (even met a now ‘Tio’ named Pedro — who invited us back to stay with him next time haha)

We ordered the mahi bites, the glazed chicken wings and the empanada Vola – TO DIE FOR!! Plus, I’m a sauce person and the sauce that came with the Mahi bites, I used with the chicken wings AND the empanada Vola. DE-LI-CIOUS – and the rice (I think it was rice) that came with the steak (empanada) was exceptional. Btw I AM PISSED I have zero pictures for you, how dare I – I will do better on my next trip because I will always have a food spot in my ‘3 things’, YOU ARE WELCOME! I know you’re a foodie too girl *wink*

Ps. Rum is a BIG DEAL in Puerto Rico but promise me you will wait until you leave to buy the rum at the airport. WAY cheaper boo — I got two bottles for $23 and a nice bag to put them in. All you need is your boarding pass and ID! Again, you’re welcome

  • Want to party? 

Hop in an Uber and tell the driver to take you to La Placita – which is an area with multiple bars, restaurants and a few shops! We went on Thursday night (Midnight hit my bday – so I wanted to PAR-TAY) and this area was LIT AF! I wanted to go on Friday night but I partied, drank and ate too hard at La Placita Friday afternoon but trust me if (when) I go back for NYE I will be going to the La Placita area. I think we heard that Monday was more of a hip hop evening but even on Thursday we stumbled upon a club that was playing some hip hop and we jumped right in. Which by the way I noticed we NEVER got carded in PR, literally never. I specifically remember that because I was freaking out about my ID having a hole in it (long DMV story) and I didn’t want to carry my passport since of course it didn’t fit in my purse! HA!

I also really enjoyed that the clubs were all open meaning no windows with fans in almost every corner and a little bit of ‘mist’ spraying + we didn’t pay to get in, even the guys for that Thursday night (not sure if that is every night) but La Placita is where you need to be if you’re looking for a good time! Oh and my guy friend even bought cigars at like 1a — they were open OMG!

Ps. Book Andres “Explore city nightlife with a musician” on airbnb to up your evening even more! He’ll take you to La Placita at the end if you want

I did 35 right! If YOU go let me know, especially if you go where I went xo

  • Want to stunt on the gram?

I booked a photographer via airbnb because I wanted something a tad bit better than my android camera and my android 9+ is amazeballs but what isn’t better than a good photo shoot — plus honestly I was solo at this point (more friends came later) and I wanted to hang out with a local to see what there was to do/eat (that locals do) on the island! AND IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY so, I booked with Raul and we walked around ‘Old San Juan’ and I got to know him a little bit + vice versa. I enjoy getting to know locals and from his perspective Puerto Rico was doing ‘ok’ after Maria! Altho, he was in the midst of re-building he was in good spirits and I was happy I was spending my money in a community that deserves it! See more of the pictures we took here and below!

Ps. La Perla, San Juan, Puerto Rico – was just behind me in the photo above. I went and looked over the ‘bridge’ — that area is where ‘Despacito’ was filmed! The video was filmed before Maria and you could tell that ‘La Perla’ got HIT HARD, it was sad to see people still living down there and I didn’t see many roofs (I had to look up the plural word for roof *teehee*) — now DO not go down in that area. We heard that many times and even from my friend Lori’s Dad who is from Puerto Rico! So just look over the wall and take photos then hall ass haha

Pps. He told me to eat at La Bombonera and I did! We went for breakfast and it was decent but the orange juice maker is SO entertaining. Go for that alone + the coffee because you shouldn’t really be sleeping in Puerto Rico!

Thank YOU for making it this far – if you did, you’re a saint! I hope it was entertaining and maybe you even laughed out loud – if not MADE YOU LOOK haha – next trip? Atlanta

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