How To Be Single And Love It!


How To Be Single for 1 year challenge!

Do you feel like you’re forever just dating? Feeling a little lost?

✅ Have you ever just spent time with yourself?

✅ Do you know how to be single?


I believe there is one BIG reason why relationships fail

✅ Not knowing who you are, that is the biggest issue ⬅️


Now that I know who I am = ? ⤵️

1️⃣ I know what type of relationship I want

2️⃣ I have enough confidence to never lower my standards again.

I have a solid foundation now.

So naturally, I’ll be a better communicator.


You’re single, possibly dating and lowering your standards ?

? Frustrated with all the FBoys, players, being ghosted and men who just want sex? Yes?


So I ask you… ⤵️

✅ Do you even know who you are?

✅ How self-aware are you?

✅ Do you know how to get to know yourself?

I challenge you ? to take a year off of dating

I challenge you ? to be single for a year

I challenge you ? to get to know you and change the trajectory of your life


I made this video for you!

➡️ 5 things you can do in your year of single

I’ve done it and highly recommend you do it as well.

Honestly, I would challenge you to do two years but I know that would scare you

The content I mentioned in the video ⬇️

How To Start a relationship with God: Go Here

My solo trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico: Go Here

Dave Ramsey’s book is ‘The Money Makeover’ (he also has a facebook group)

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