Honolulu, Hawaii


I have a goal of traveling for a living. One day I will get there but today, let me tell you about my trip to Honolulu;

 Am I the only one Hawaii confuses? Like I don’t ever remember which city is on which island yada yada – so I made it my mission to try to understand where I was as far as the islands were concerned.

Honolulu is on the island of O’ahu and is the capital of Hawaii *oooooohhh* *minions voice*

This trip, I didn’t plan anything at all and now I wish I had, especially since I literally had 48 hours only. I went only because my parents went and I like going on vacation with them! Plus, I mean it was memorial day weekend. They had things planned that did not include me but I didn’t know this until I got there haha – silly rabbit.

Things I did: Waikki beach + Pearl Harbor + walked around and shopped! (again I wish I would have planned better for this trip, there was a yacht ‘white party’ I would have killed to go to but it was sold out *wooosssaaaaa*… a YACHT uugh)

Where did I eat; Yard House (wasn’t all that) but the IL Lupino trattoria and wine bar was delicious, at least what I ordered (below… yea I’m captain obvious) – which was avocado toast and salmon, it cost me $14+tax but yummmmmmmmm


Things I wish I did:

  1. There was a couple I found on ‘airbnb’ you know in the ‘things to do section’ – they did ‘goddess’ photo shoot sessions and I WISH I would have booked it but again I thought my parents had things planned for us. I found out on this trip that my grown ass is really 34 and I am no longer in their plans *cry for me Arergentina*
  2. So then I found a MERMAID PHOTO SHOOT SESSION – booked it – then found out her mermaid tail was ONLY a small and so since I’m not 12…. F MY WHOLE LIFE…

… and now back to my life as is.

  • Tip for my thick girls who chafe, like me, here
  • I stayed at the Wyndam at Waikki Beach Walk, you can take a shuttle or an uber from the airport and it’s about 20 mins away. The ‘hotel’ wasn’t super fancy but it’ll do and it was close to Waikki beach, altho if I were you, I’d take the trolley to the other side of Waikki beach (ask receptionist)
  • Next trip: Indianapolis
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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
Lao Tzu

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