1 Thing We Need Stop Doing When It Comes To Dating


Here is the one thing we all need to stop doing! Even outside of dating… we can apply this to our friends and family too.

This video is super short but it’s ONE thing we NEED to do better at!

➡️ We are the authority of ourselves not anyone else

Ps. I made this video after having this ‘topic’ on my radio show ⬇️


I need to know if you two think I’m in the wrong. My husband is so mad at me. Let me start from the beginning. I’ve been with my now husband for 12 years but before him I was married to this guy, we will call Kyle. Before and After I was married to Kyle he cheated on me a few times and even had a baby outside of our marriage. That was the straw for me. We ended up getting a divorce. It was nasty. However, I haven’t seen or talked to him in 5 years. He hit me up last week asking to speak with me. He wants to take me to dinner to apologize for how he treated me when we were together. I asked him ‘why now’ and he said because he’s been getting help and it’s apart of his healing process plus he’s going to jail for about 10-15 years and he wants to do it now. He has to turn himself in on Friday, I believe. I want to go and I believe getting this closure will help me so much. However that’s where my now husband comes in, he’s mad and doesn’t want me to go. He’s upset that I want to go. At this point I don’t really care about my husband’s feelings, he doesn’t know what happened to me in that relationship. So I want to know if you two think that I would be a bad wife if I went and had dinner with my ex husband.

That ‘topic’ made me think of this ONE thing we all need to stop doing!

What I said in the video is what I wrote her ⤵️

3 Things:

(1). Let this be a cautionary tale for my single women AND men. You need to STOP using relationships as ‘healing’. A relationship is NOT medicine for your past. We all have a past, I get it but we do NOT get to unpack that ish in our next relationship. If you’re still hurting or need closure from your last relationship then YOU NEED TO SIT ON THE BENCH when it comes to dating. Heal first. Period. Which is why I hate the saying, the best way to get over a man is to get under one. SHUT UP!

(2). Closure from someone else– is something you made up in your head. Closure comes from YOU! Stop needing to know WHY someone treated you badly. We get hurt, ok, that’s life but you need to learn how to MOVE ON from that. This guy has literally held this woman back for OVER 12 years. That is sad. Where your pain is caused won’t be where it is healed!

(3). Need more? Grab my ‘But How Do I Get Closure?’ blog: Go Here

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