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Named Top 10 Female Life Coaches Transforming Lives in 2020

Awarded; Woman Of Distinction by the Girl Scouts

Letter from Brian Newberry; Chief Executive Officer. Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho

Reka, today Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho honor you, and tomorrow and the next day and so on. The way you lead your life, your leadership and your courage is what we hope all of our 3,500 Girls grow up to be. You are a trailblazer.

I am so sorry we could not elevate you to 270 strong tonight, with some Girl Scouts in attendance too. My greatest joy was going to have Girl Scouts introduce you.

While we did not publicly recognize you tonight, you are and always will be a Women of Distinction in our Council. Expect me to show up in your life at some point, hopefully with a Girl Scout by my side, to present you a nice memento for you to remember we uplift you. For the Spokane, CDA leaders, I hope it is sooner. For the outer areas, it may take me a bit to get out as this crisis and cookie sales are dominating my time.

As we press ahead into uncertain times (COVID-19), I will take a dose of courage from each of you. We follow you and we celebrate you. Our founder Juliette Gordon Low said 108 years ago: “The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers.”

You are a maker of history for us, and always will be—thank you for saying yes to letting us honor you—it meant a lot and really meant a lot for those from afar willing to travel here.

May you be well and stay strong and healthy this spring,

– Brian

*The sweets over supper awards gala was supposed to happen on March 14, 2020. It was canceled due to COVID-19

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Hot Happy Mess Podcast. Hosted by Zuri Hall

Lyrics & Lattes. Hosted by Jason & Trevor

Black History Month Spotlight on KNDU-TV

Justin Honore of NBC-TV Right Now Tri-Cities (KNDU) did a ‘Black History moment’ on me because well I’m black and the ‘Robinson’ name has A LOT of history here on this side of WA State!

Article Features

"Enspire Magazine" Feature (Article)

Robinson started the “Single You” Academy to help women learn their value without a partner. Robinson understands that as a young single woman the main questions asked to revolve around a partner and kids. This is part of the reason why she kept trying to make it work with her abusive ex; she felt she needed to have him around to feel successful in all aspects of her life. “Single You” Academy focuses on empowering women through the connections formed. Having a solid connection between Robinson and clients allows clients to feel supported and valued and they end up growing from that connection.

"Protest From Home" Feature (Article)

“Racism is not new to this country but something about George Floyd has made everyone wake up. Possibly the casualness of the officer who killed him, mixed in with everyone being at home and how long that officer was on George’s neck.”

While I think everyone ‘waking up’ now is great, I can’t help but think, “You thought we were crying wolf about racism?” before this.

Awarded Influencer of the Year in 2020

On January 25, 2020 Reka won influencer of the year at the 2nd annual TCC awards gala.

The award was voted on and given out be the Tri-Cities creatives community.

More Awards

2nd Place

2018-2020 Best Local Radio Personality:
Reka Robinson

1st Place

2016-2017 Best Local Radio Personality:
Reka Robinson

How and Why I Give Back

By Cameron Probert, The Tri City Herald

It’s been six years since Reka Robinson sat in a classroom in an east Pasco school named after her grandmother and was motivated to make a difference.

“I saw a little girl and she did not fit in her clothes,” the Power 99.1 FM radio host said. “The teacher told me that her parents were having a hard time keeping up with her growth … I said, ‘What size is she? I’ll go buy her clothes.’”

That is how the “Power Kids Clothing Drive” started, and Friday she brought in more than enough clothes for 30 children. It’s only one of the ways Virgie Robinson’s legacy continues at the elementary school that bears her name.

Virgie Robinson dedicated her life to others. Her legacy is about to go worldwide!