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Why Sarah Joined Single You Academy

I wanted to be loved and I didn’t know how.

Single You Academy helped me figure out how to deal with my issues, how to set boundaries and how to raise my standards and not settle for anything less than that. Now I’m happy just raising my son. I needed help and Reka was there. ⁣

Being more confident and loving who I am. That high of loving myself… I remember getting in the car when you’re in love with a guy and you’re just like Ooh, you’re on that high. But NOW— NOW I’m finally feeling that for myself and this is crazy. So I’m just, like Ooh, I could do this some more. Let’s keep going. Because of this Reka (Single You Academy) seriously, this is… it’s really cool. I love it.

Why Zee Joined Single You Academy

I couldn’t do another crazy experience (with a man) period.

What others are saying

I am very proud of myself and my investment in Single You Academy!!! It’s honestly changed my life, how I approach everything. I now think about things in terms of what I want versus what I can deal with. I’m living in a space that is open versus constrained.

I’ve gained the confidence to attend events alone. I’m going to my first ever concert next weekend (by myself) to see Boyz II Men, something I never would have done before!!

Graduate of Single You Academy

I’m becoming self-aware. That’s my biggest thing, because I just cannot believe all of the light bulbs and things that are making sense and I’m like; ‘why hasn’t that made sense before now? Before Single You Academy?’

So, just becoming self-aware is probably by far the biggest thing for me.

Graduate of Single You Academy

I was completely lost and Single You Academy has really helped. It’s sad when family and friends don’t understand or support because you choose to focus on yourself, career, your dreams, desires and your happiness. Thanks for teaching us ladies to value ourselves and to respect ourselves. And that we deserve better!

I think relationships don’t work out because we didn’t know a lot of the stuff you teach.

Graduate of Single You Academy

I put a schedule on my daughter’s dad which is huge! 6 years on and off. Back and forth with no boundaries. Single You Academy held me accountable to organize my life towards loving myself, respecting my body and the call God has about honoring it as a temple of the Lord! Told her dad; ‘No sex. We can have dinner together 3 days out of the week and he could pick them. Plus no spending the night and you leave by 9:00pm. This is BIG for me Reka! God has sent you to hold my butt accountable to love myself and know my worth! I believe this is a breakthrough. So thank you, thank you! I look forward to moving forward!

Graduate of Single You Academy

I tell other women about Single You Academy because I know many women out there who have been in crappy relationships and are sick of being played. We all could use a platform with other women that understands where you’re coming from and women to relate to. In SYA I learned about red flags. I learned that it’s ok to be single and not to jump into just any relationship.

Graduate of Single You Academy

Inside of Single You Academy, I found my worth, and I learned how to love myself and how amazing I am. I now know I don’t need a man to tell me or show me that. I’m able to love myself and show me what an amazing queen I am. Reka helped me open my eyes and find what was holding me back.⁣

Graduate of Single You Academy

Your guidance and homework alone sparked something, and I know now I’m on the correct and right path. The Reading you assign inside of Single You Academy is helping me find out what I’ve been missing. You’ve helped me figure out why I couldn’t find my happiness and joy. Something was missing, and now I know it’s missing within myself, and it’s finding that and working on that.

Graduate of Single You Academy

You understand that I (Reka) am an NLP Certified Life Coach, not a Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Medical Professional of any kind. You understand while coaching can work along side having a therapist very well (and has for many of my clients) — is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment.

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